Manila Memories

Manila Memories contains four narratives of life in Manila under Japanese occupation in World War II. The interlaced narratives come from four classmates, Juergen Goldhagen, Roderick Hall, Hans Hoeflein and Hans Walser, who attended the American School in Manila and survived the war. Some of their family members and friends were not so lucky.

Edited by Juergen Goldhagen, the book recounts the memories of these boys who, sixty-five years ago, were between the ages of nine and twelve. Their memories are set down separately and combined in chronological order within each time frame.

The idea for this book grew out of a seminar on war experiences held at an American School of Manila reunion for the Classes of 1945-55.

It is hoped that these stories, will give future historians insights into life in Manila before the war, during the war and after the war, from the viewpoint of these four boys.

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